I’ve been training jiu jitsu on and off for a few years now, but it wasn’t until I started training at Cavalo that I really crafted my technique. At Cavalo BJJ and Boxing, owned by Andrew Buckley; you’ll never find a gym so welcoming and family-oriented. Andrew and the Cavalo Team not only have the coaches to help you achieve your goals, but they do it in a comfortable yet exciting environment. Whether you’re someone just trying to lose weight and get into shape. Or you’re preparing to compete in a jiu jitsu/boxing tournament.

The family-like atmosphere as soon as you open the door enables you to achieve those goals and it shows you what working hard really is! And for anyone who is skeptical on which place to start training at, you can try it out for free with their 14 day trial. I would highly recommend this training facility to anyone!!

– Chris

My husband and I joined Cavalo Brazillian Jiu Jitsu about 3 months ago. We attend the MMA strength and conditioning classes as well as participate in boxing. We went from doing zero in terms of physical activity, to attending classes every day, and many days, twice a day. We attribute this motivation to Cavalo’s owner, Andrew Buckley. He has successfully created an environment that is upbeat, welcoming and makes you want to work out more. We could not have asked for a better fit for us. The gym is clean and well kept. The staff is knowledgeable, trained, friendly and gives us a killer workout every single time we are there. We are given variety in our workouts so it’s different enough to challenge you to strive to do more. I highly recommend Cavalo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to anyone who wants to get in great shape as well as become a member of a community of people dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals.

– Megan

I started at cavalo gym about 6 months ago doing the ladies only classes!! After about a month a kicked it up a notch and started doing all the strength and conditioning classes. I didn’t take long before I was fully addicted to the workout classes and family friendly atmosphere. From the time you walk in the gym to the time you leave, you feel welcomed and know your going to get a great workout lead by professionals!


As a busy 2 parent working family with 3 children, Cavalo Jiu Jitsu has been a great way for us to train and play together as a family. Besides having fun, I know my children are learning valuable skills in discipline, health and self-defense. With classes available six days a week and at convenient times, we are able to train when our schedule allows and as often as we can. Cavalo Jiu jitsu’s family oriented atmosphere makes it an easy decision to train, even after a busy workday.

– Tammy

Things I value about Cavalo: learning a useful skill while having fun and getting exercise; clean facility; discipline (I like how Andrew is stricter with the kids); also like the setup of the place ie the parents have a place where they can sit and watch. I’m grateful we have found something for James to get exercise 4 times a week and so close to home.

– Carolyn