Cavalo Health Challenge

Members compete earning points with a healthy diet and consistent workouts. Have fun, stay accountable, and see results.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners

Previous challenge participants:

Kristin Jenkins ChallengeJoe before and after front feb 2015Joel Front before after Feb 2015

Daily journals must be logged daily on the website for points to accumulate.

Five daily points:

  • 3 points diet
  • 1 point 20 minutes activity (including classes)
  • 1 point bonus activity

Bonus opportunities will be announced each week. A forgotten journal means no points for that day. Journals must be submitted by midnight to be counted.

In the case of a food cheat 1 point is subtracted for each serving (eg. 1 piece of cake is -1 point, a whole cake is -3).

It is possible to lose up to 3 points per day for food. One cheat snack per week is permitted (7 snacks over the 45 days). This may be saved up for a single event or spread out.

Spaces are limited. Reserve your spot today!

E-mail or get details at the front desk.

Please be sure to enter your name the same way each day.